Who are we?

► A well-rounded team of courteous drivers and experienced, fluent English-speaking dispatchers.

What are we doing?

► We are ready to meet our guests around the clock at the airport, and also to deliver to the airport. We are ready to take our customers to any city in the region from the airport, or anywhere in Samara.

Our fleet!

► Our cars are foreign cars not older than 5 years in the comfort group, as well as foreign cars not older than 3 years in the business group. In the group of VIP Mercedes S 550, Land Cruiser Prado 150, Chrysler S 300, BMW 7.


Quick order

The taxi will arrive within 15 minutes, we are not late to our customers.

Comfort in all

Always a clean car in perfect technical condition.

Safe taxi

Drivers pass the honey. osvid-e and refresher courses.

Payment by bank cards

In each car, payment by bank cards VISA and MasterCard is available.

Mobile app

Professional drivers who know the city and the region are excellent.

Travel with children

Each car has a child restraint system for safety.


Samara - Kurumoch Airport

Comfort - from 1000 rubles
Business - 1500 rubles
VIP - 4500 rubles

Hourly rental car

Comfort - 500 rubles per hour
Business - 700 rubles per hour
VIP - 1500 rubles per hour
In any category at least 3 hours

Intercity trips

From 20 rubles per kilometer
Calculated individually,
rounding is always in favor of the client

Sober driver
From 1000 rubles

Free waiting for
at flight delay

Meeting with a signboard
Reporting documents

All our drivers are polite, very experienced and do not ask unnecessary questions. And cars without taxi signs.
Payment can be made by bank transfer.


"The trip was urgent, I did not look for the car in advance, after the arrival of free cars" Kurumoch "did not inspire confidence. I went to the Internet, now we all do it, found SamaraTransfer, called, clarified the price, absolutely adequate word. The car was sent within 5 minutes The car is very clean, the driver with a great sense of humor. "

Pavel Sergeevich / Art Director

Once again, I am convinced of the rightness of my choice in favor of your company. Thank you to the driver who carried out the order №0244 09.08.18. Warnful, supported the conversation on the topic, which is interesting to passengers, it is clear that the car is "well-groomed." Well done and employees of the dispatching device - for many years not a single delay! Thank you for the exemplary service (as always).

Andrei Nikolaevich / business trainer

The organization is wonderful, and the personnel accepting applications, and drivers. Everyone is extremely courteous, sympathetic. Particularly grateful to the dispatching device - have repeatedly participated in the forced change in the time of taxiing and each time turned out to be "on top". Thank you.

Ekaterina Evgenievna /
individual entrepreneur





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Airport "Kurumoch" is located about 50 kilometers from Samara. This should be taken into account when ordering a transfer, and planning a trip. Below are approximate distances when traveling in the Samara region.

Transfer airport to Kurumoch (KUF) - Samara

from 33 to 60 km

Transfer airport to Kurumoch (KUF) - Togliatti

50 to 60 km

Transfer airport to Kurumoch (KUF) - Zhigulevsk

50 to 60 km

Transfer airport to Kurumoch (KUF) - Chapaevsk

from 90 to 110 km

ransfer airport to Kurumoch (KUF) - Syzran

130 to 150 km

Transfer airport to Kurumoch (KUF) - Uralsk

from 290 to 310 km

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  • Contacts

    The head office is located at:

    Samara, Aurora 150/1

    +7-927-70-70-555; +7-960-82-71-480